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Air Intake System SRI Short Ram Intake SUBARU LIBERTY 2007-2010 1.5L NON-TURBO

Cosmo Racing Air Intake System increase your car's performance by providing cooler, denser air to the engine. Give your car a boost!

Designed for street and track use, the aerodynamic piping and non-restrictive air filter allow maximum air flow into the engine without compromising air filtering.

The including Air Filter is washable and reusable for racing and hard driving purposes. We recommend to use K&N cleaner kit and to do service every 10000miles (15000kms). Following with the K&N cleaner kit instruction you can easily do the service on filter. The cleaner it is easy to find from local parts shops.

*ATTENTION: COSMO Racing Air intake is legal in CANADA and most of USA States since it does not affect the emission of car; however, we are Company based in Canada and we do not provide any Executive Order (EO) sticker especially for California Air Resources Board (CARB) inspections. You might contact your local inspection center for more info on legal issue.

Our air intake systems are designed as direct replacement for the stock system for easy DIY installation and comes complete with all necessary hardware. Step-by-step instructions are available for selected car models.

Category Air Intake System SRI Short Ram Intake SUBARU
Product Number SLIB15-AI
Name LIBERTY 2007-2010 1.5L NON-TURBO
Price $134.50 US
Instruction Sheet Not Including
Available Colors/Options


*Fits only on Liberty 07-10 1.5L RS non Turbo models which equipped with rectangular air mass meter housing.

Performance gain = 5HP

Racing P-flow Short Rams/Air Intakes

Power normally restricted by the stock molded rubber intake tube and filter box; however, by installing COSMORacing Air Intake system it is released by allowing maximum airflow through the throttle body to increase power and throttle response.

HOW IS IT DIFFERENT from our competitors? Our mandrel bent intake pipes are especially designed for aerodynamics and constant radius to provide maximum and consistent airflow. Our air filters are made of cloth/aluminum, making it much less restrictive than the cotton, or compressed paper used by other brands. Direct bolt on for easy installation? You will be supplied with all necessary hardware, step-by-step installation instruction sheet*, and personal assistance from our tech support to guide you through any problems!

Note: Installation for the Short Ram Air Intake System is more simple and easy than the Cold Air Intake System. However, professional installation is recommended for those with no mechanical knowledge. *Instruction sheet might not be available for some models, please check the instruction availability on each product info.

Subaru Short Ram Intake includes: piping, filter, and hardware.

*Disclaimer: COSMO Racing provides no warranty or representation is made as to product's ability to ensure user from passing any car inspection,

nor to protect user from any injury or death. The User assumes that risk. Many products we sell are for off road/race use ONLY.

For any question regarding products and services, please email us at sales@cosmoracing.com or Toll Free 1-877-55-COSMO (26766)

COSMO Racing Paypal account address is sales@cosmoracing.com

COSMO Racing Paypal account address is sales@cosmoracing.comCOSMO Racing Paypal account address is sales@cosmoracing.comCOSMO Racing Paypal account address is sales@cosmoracing.comCOSMO Racing Paypal account address is sales@cosmoracing.comCOSMO Racing Paypal account address is sales@cosmoracing.comCOSMO Racing Paypal account address is sales@cosmoracing.comCOSMO Racing Paypal account address is sales@cosmoracing.comCOSMO Racing Paypal account address is sales@cosmoracing.com

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